Top 4 Weight Loss Supplements that work

With the amount of weight loss products on the market today it is easy to see why it has become so difficult to choose a product that will actually do what it promises. In my life time I have tried at-least 20 different types of weight loss supplements.

Below I am going to talk about my top 4 of choice:

Shape Platinum

Shape Platinum is currently R850. This is considered to be relatively expensive however this product is extremely effective. Shape platinum is known for giving amazing weight loss results of around 3kgs per week on average. What makes Shape Platinum so popular is not only the results, but also the cost of those results comes with very few side effects.

The Secret Fat Burner

At R590, The Secret Fat Burner is actually extremely affordable. Results on this Secret Fat Burner are nothing far from OUTSTANDING however unlike Shape Platinum those results come with intense side effects. If you can handle The Secret Fat Burner side effects expect to lose around 4kgs in a single week without going to the gym or even being on the diet.

*If you decide to use the Secret Fat Burner make sure you drink at-least 3 liters of water per day.


FOF is a watered down version of the Secret Fat Burner. Sitting at also around R590 for 1 months supply FOF has fewer side effects than The Secret fat burner however weight loss results aren’t as impressive. Expect to lose around 1 to 2kgs per week while taking FOF.

Garcinia Cambogia

This product is known as a natural appetite suppressant which makes it surprisingly very cheap. At R399 per bottle it is by far the cheapest weight loss product on this list. Garcinia Cambogia has very few side effects. The product produces average result of around 1kg per week. I would advise only using this product if you already have a exercise routine in place as it works best when going to the gym.

There we go. I really hope this article has made finding the right product for you a little bit easier. Choosing the right product definitely consist of a trade-off between results and benefits. Be wise in your choice! Wishing you all the best in your weight loss journey!

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