Bizarre Eating Tips to Watch Your Figure

Nowadays, it’s hard to find much body fat in Hollywood. The Hollywood stars are super thin, toned and barely there, A lot of the celebrities brag about their “good genes” and declare they exercise relentlessly and shun junk food. Not that they are all lying, but a lot of the stars have found the psychological secrets to keeping the fat at bay.

The first and most contradicting bizarre secret to watching your weight is to carry more cash when you go out to eat. Now you say, wouldn’t carrying more cash tempt me to spend more money? Well the answer is no. Typically when people carry only cash, they tend to make healthier purchases than those who carry only their credit or debit cards. Paper money causes a consumer to become more conscientious about the nutritional value of their purchase.

Second, want to curb your appetite, then say it loud and say it proud! Yes, I am encouraging you to talk to yourself when preparing to eat something. For instance, you want a bowl of rocky road ice cream but know one scoop will easy become three and you want to watch your figure. Tell yourself verbally, “I’m really not that hungry so I’ll just take a scoop.” When you verbally make the announcement to yourself that you’re only getting a quick sweet treat, you make yourself fully aware of what you’re eating and why you’re eating it. Play tricks with your own mind and watch how easy it will become to refrain from eating an entire carton of your favorite ice cream.

Eating potato chips on a plate may help your brain to realize that this is a meal. It will stop you from going back for more until the packet is empty! Low risk snacking!

Third, pace your eating by eating your meal in complete silence. That’s right, no television, background music, cell phones, or distractions. When eating in a noisy, busy, distracting setting, you are more likely to eat more quickly than normal taking in more food than usual. By the time you realize you’re full, you’ve taking in an abundance of food. Even slow, soft melodic music causes one to linger at the table longer and take in more food even after their full. So cut out the noise and eat peacefully.

Finally, a very bizarre tactic to watching your weight at the dinner table is to eat your Doritos on Dinnerware. What do I mean by this, you ask. Even if you’re just going to eat a quick snack like potato chips or cookies, use plates and eating utensils. We typically associate a snack with food that we can eat in a quick sitting or even standing usually under ten minutes. However, if you sit down and eat your snack on a plate with utensils, your brain will comprehend this as a meal. Sitting and extending your snack to about thirty minutes will cause you to feel satisfied and possibly turn down extra food later on.

Try these bizzarre eating tricks and watch your appetite curb dramatically.

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