Benefits of Keeping a Food Diary Before Dieting

Many people keep a food diary as a part of their weight loss plan. This effort should actually begin before you even begin a diet plan. What are the benefits of keeping a food diary before dieting?

Get used to tracking food intake. If you are planning on using a food diary as a part of your weight loss efforts, beginning at least a week before starting your diet will help you adjust to the changes of keeping track of your daily food intake. You will be less likely to forget to add items to your food diary if you have already become used to it.

Decide on a diet plan. *We highly recommend the banting diet. If you don’t already know the best way for you to lose weight or what diet plan you will use, keeping a food diary lets you see trouble spots and select a diet plan from there. It is also a good tool if you are going to diet slowly by making small lifestyle changes as it will show you a place where you can begin.

Shows the types of foods you eat. By writing down everything you eat, you can easily see if you’re eating enough of each of the necessary food groups. You can see if you are getting too much or too little in any of the food groups as well. This can help direct your changes when starting your diet.

Shows possible easy solutions. Although dieting is never easy, if you find that you eat way too much junk food or processed foods or drink too much soda, you can tell fairly simply by your food diary. Your diet plan may begin with simply reducing the amounts of these foods and beverages to start.

Living the City Life is full of temptations! After a long day it’s too easy to gulp down a Coke, buy easy to prepare processed foods or even order junk food! We don’t even know what these food’s do to us. Are we killing ourselves with out food?

Continuing with this can help you track progress and see where continued improvement is needed and mark your successes as you go. Although you ma

y find more good reasons as you go along, remember these benefits to keeping a food diary before dieting to get you started.


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